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A9Converter (http://www.a9tech.com/assets/downloads/A9ConverterSetup.exe)   
A9Converter is a bi-directional DWG/DXF conversion program. It supports up to Autocad 2006.

Vendor by: A9Tech
Website: http://www.a9tech.com

editor | 6/11/2010 | 1593 Views

Able2Extract (http://www.investintech.com/prod_downloadsa2e.htm)   
Able2Extract is one of the leading PDF to AutoCAD conversion software that is the most accurate solution available today. By using Able2Extract's leading PDF to AutoCAD conversion feature, users can convert vector images and text into the DWG or DXF formats where it can be used and edited as required.

Vendor by: Investintech.com
Website: http://www.investintech.com/

editor | 5/10/2013 | 1829 Views

Acme CAD Converter (http://www.dwgtool.com/download.htm)   
Acme CAD Converter is DWG, DXF, DWF format conversion software for batch and vector files. It can conveniently convert files into WMF, BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, TGA,  DXF,  DWG, SVG, PDF, HPGL, CGM, EPS etc, and also enable conversion between DXF and DWG file.Supports replace font file and 3d object hidden line removal.

Vendor by: DWG TOOL Software
Website: http://www.dwgtool.com/index.htm

editor | 6/26/2008 | 1626 Views

Acme TraceArt (http://www.dwgtool.com/traceart.htm)   

Raster to vector converter which can high-speed convert raster bitmap into vector image. It supports such all kinds of image format as BMP, JPG, TGA, TIF, PCX etc.

TraceART can let you quickly convert uneditable scanned paper drawings into accurate vector files for editing in any CAD program. It saves the converted file as an industry standard DXF file that can be read by any CAD program that supports this format. TraceART is a direct replacement for traditional tracing and digitizing, releases you from tiring work.


Vendor by: DWG TOOL Software
Website: http://www.dwgtool.com/index.htm

editor | 6/26/2008 | 1601 Views

Algolab Raster to Vector Conversion CAD/GIS SDK (http://www.algolab.com/files/r2vsdk.zip)   
Software development kit for CAD/CAM/ GIS and graphic software developers. Converts from raster to vector and refines architect, mechanical, tech drawing, maps, math graphs, graphics for books and journals and more. ActiveX and Com Component are also available. Refines vector graphics, creates fine lines and shapes. Scanned drawings are recognized and represented in a vector format to be imported to your CAD or drawing program. Output in vector formats DXF (AutoCAD), AI (Adobe Illustrator), EMF ( Enhanced metafile, WMF and ASCII XY ( MS Excel, Mathematica, Lotus 123 etc.).

Vendor by: Algolab

editor | 12/31/1969 | 1647 Views

Autodesk FBX Converter (http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/index?siteID=123112&id=
Vendor description: FBX Converter transfer project data from one application to another quickly and easily. This utility convert OBJ, DXF and 3DS files to and from the FBX file format. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems.

Vendor by: Autodesk
Website: http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/home?siteID=123112&id=129446

editor | 8/27/2008 | 1587 Views

B2MV (http://sites.google.com/site/cadkits/home/b2mv)   
Vendor description: B2MV is an add-on for AutoCAD that converts block to Multi-view block (MvBlock) by right click.

Vendor by: L&J CAD KITS
Website: http://sites.google.com/site/cadkits/home

editor | 9/18/2009 | 1589 Views

Cadmatic eXchanger (http://www.cadmatic.com/xml/downloads/downloads.html)   

Converts AutoCAD solid models from and into cadmatic reference models. This allows Auto-CAD users to use their AutoCAD 3D models in their cadmatic plant design projects. There are a large number of file transfer plugins to AutoCAD. This enables compatibility with different formats enabling cadmatic users to transfer models from and to other applications such as SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and CATIA.

Cadmatic eXchanger is compatible with AutoCAD® 2004,2005,2006 and 2007 software versions. 

editor | 5/5/2008 | 1657 Views

CATIA V5 Import Translator for Inventor (http://labs.autodesk.com/utilities/catia_translator/)   
This technology preview gives you more flexibility when creating designs with vendor or customer data by allowing you to directly import CATIA V5 files into Autodesk Inventor. This translator reads both CATPart and CATProduct files bringing solids, surfaces, wires, and points into Autodesk Inventor to be directly utilized while modeling. Being able to import directly from CATIA V5 files eliminates the need to convert the CATIA data to make it usable in your projects.

Need licensed copy of Autodesk Inventor 2009 SP1 or the Autodesk Inventor LT Technology Preview 2009 SP1 to run this add-in. CATIA V5 versions R6 through R18 are supported with this technology preview.

Vendor by: Autodesk Labs
Website: http://labs.autodesk.com/

editor | 11/20/2008 | 1668 Views

Collada Export (http://labs.solidworks.com/Products/Product.aspx?name=collad

Collada Export is used for exporting SolidWorks assembly in the Collada format, design is then defined by an open standard for 3D applications. This enables leverage of other 3D authoring applications which may not import native SolidWorks files, including applications on different operating systems. Model geometry is preserved in the export, with colors, textures and motion.

One of the key uses for a SolidWorks model exported to Collada is in a Microsoft Robotics Studio environment. This tool allows robotic simulation developers and robotic hardware makers to use code to control actual model geometry before any component is manufactured. Conversely, SolidWorks designers are able to export their motion studies into a format which in turn software developers can build upon to create simulations.


  • SolidWorks 2009 SP0 or later - The Add-In will not run on older versions
  • MS Windows XP/Vista x32 - There is currently no x64 support

Vendor by: SolidWorks Labs
Website: http://labs.solidworks.com/

editor | 1/8/2009 | 1638 Views

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