Hatch Wood AutoCAD for your projects

Hatch AutoCAD is a free download that can create different wood hatch patterns in Autodesk programs such as AutoCAD and Revit. The wood hatch pattern includes textures of floorboards, end grain, posts, 2D wood CAD blocks, and many other types of wooden architecture. It is easy to copy, retain and use the AutoCAD plywood hatch without user input. The pat file for the free AutoCAD download can be easily obtained online with a zip file that contains the different hatch patterns for your design needs.

The CAD software also allows you to customize your wood hatch pattern and create several rules to make it work according to your preference. You can also test it before using it to know exactly how it will look when applied to your project. This AutoCAD hatch allows you to move freely without implying any warranty or separate terms and conditions, as it is primarily open source. Get this free download now and create unique wooden textures with just one click!

Wood hatch AutoCAD CAD Block Free Download